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Falling In Love

The Importance Of Being Sure Before You Fall In Love


Falling In Love HeartFalling in love is great. It can make you feel so good, that you can forget about all your worries and problems. However, if you fall in love with the wrong person, you are only going to suffer, instead of experiencing the promised happiness. This is why you have to make sure the one you choose lives up to your expectations.

The mechanism of falling in love works in a strange way. The more we get closer to someone, the more we tend to develop romantic feelings for that person. This means that we can fall in love, even though the object of our love is far from our ideal of a partner. Unfortunately, we can’t be madly in love for a lifetime. This feeling starts fading away, so sooner or later we are going to see our love as he really is, without the beautiful mask our love puts on his face. This moment of truth can be disappointing, as if we can’t find any good reasons to continue loving him, we are going to feel like running away to save ourselves from this relationship.

Incompatible Lovers

This being said, dating has a purpose, which is to measure ourselves up against potential partners and see where we stand. If you can find the features of your ideal partner in the person sitting in front of you, you can go ahead and try to get closer. However, if you think dating is for people who have lots of time, and that you have to hurry up, you may end up in bed with the wrong person.

Since your instinct is to nurture your romantic feelings, you have good chances to fall in love. The other person is going to be in the same situation, so you both may think you’ve found your better half, the chosen one, the one who is going to make you happy for the entire rest of your life. You are aflame with love. However, the very moment this flame disappears, you are both going to be surprised and sad for investing so much time in the wrong person. This is why you shouldn’t jump into love. Take your time to find out if this new person really the one you want to spend more time with.